Sunday Sevens – Week 53

Hi everyone, this begins a new batch of Sunday Sevens, a little ode to randomness that doesn’t merit a whole post. For info about Sunday Sevens, please pop in to see the creator, Natalie, over at Threads & Bobbins. There are no real rules, just sharing of seven(ish) pictures.


This week was mostly about the weather.

Thunderhead3_20150906_193440 (2)

In the space of three days we went from sweltering heat to downpours, from 90 degrees to low sixties! Do you suppose that thunderhead was a factor?


So how did we spend these cool, drizzly, blustery days? By cooking up nice warm comforting meals? Of course not! This recipe is to be served as salad or dip and used all the ingredients here plus a pack of extra firm tofu, which is hidden under the greens. I toasted the sesame seeds, threw everything in a bowl, and gently mashed. Then, to mix it up a bit, I chopped red bell peppers, lettuce, tomato and feta cheese — then rolled the chop and the mash into whole wheat tortilla wraps. Yummy!

wk1_walk_IMG_4817 (2)

Kept up with my walking on the cooler days….the neighborhood will be out in force with the rakes very soon!


This was at 11:00 this morning. The picture is darker than it really was, but those clouds were certainly ominous.

12019874_10153706232998854_5766844027669389822_n (3)

Under those clouds, we walked the high school track for the Flower City Down Syndrome Network annual Buddy Walk. There is our little Lily showing us which way to walk, you can see her if you zoom in.


My next project? I’d like to create something similar to this skirt from Anthropologie. Doable? I’m not sure what the fabric is, having saved the picture without its description.

Have a great week everyone!



19 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – Week 53

  1. Lovely skirt. It’s difficult to tell from the photograph what the fabric is. At first glance I thought it might be lined chiffon or georgette but I think the hem is holding itself too stiffly for that so it’s probably something thicker. Are those flowers/splodges appliquéd on?


    • Thanks, hope I can make something close. It seems like the splots are appliqued in three layers. If I remember (I did zoom in when the skirt was in the catalog), they appeared to be random circles of chiffon-type with a little sequin securing the center (or off-center). Could that skirt fabric be a satin?


  2. Seems funny how your leaves are falling but ours aren’t quite there yet, but won’t be long. I think that’s the strangest thing about reading sewing blogs that we’re all dressing for different climates and weather. 💦🌞🌂

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  3. You might find that getting the under-skirt is as or more important than the actual skirt. What strikes me is the extended A-line shaping, all from that center front pleat? There’s gotta be a really perfect-for-this-shape-underskirt helping out. That’s from remembering what I’ve read from other blogs doing skirts of this style – sort of 50’s, maybe? Crinoline-era, but this is more sophisticated than a poodle-appliqued circle skirt. It looks wonderful! Good luck! del


    • Yes, I’ve been searching for such a pattern, and have a couple of options… who has no waistline however, maybe shouldn’t be seeking such volume? But I don’t an A-line would do it justice. My pic of close-up looked like possibly a silk overskirt and sturdier liner. Oh, I am old….I remember the poodle skirt. I was in 3rd grade, the last one I remember having. White, quilted, loved it.

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        • Just saw this on the Britex blog: The piping wouldn’t have to be there, but it allows your eye to see where the godets are added for that shape. I’d keep the length, even on short me, to be better proportioned overall. I’d also use the non-waistband look, to visually lengthen my short torso and also get a better overall proportion. Think something similar might be close to what you’re looking for? Whatever you decide, am sure it will be grand! Below is the pattern:

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          • So, are you hiding in my living room? I was just looking at this skirt on Mrs. Hughes’ blog – was thinking it might be a contender! You’re short, too? I’m 5’4″ on a really good, stretched-out day. I do like this….wish I could find the original catalog description of that skirt, pretty sure it has a light overlay which the flowers are appliqued to. This skirt looks like it should be a nice lightweight wool. What do you think? Oh, I may have an idea for that, too! FUN!!!

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            • Possibly Tanya got what an East Coaster might think was the lighter side of medium weight. It’s a high quality wool, so much finer threads and weave than I’d expect to see from a Joann’s wool, and would definitely keep her warm in the foothills! But all that’s my opinion, having drooled over Britex wools many moons ago.

              Hey, Tanya! Are you there & catching up on blog reading? We love your skirt!

              (I hide in no one’s living room cause I’m too busy trying to sew in me own!)

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  4. I think this is a super project and the idea of the appliqued flowers really appeals to me too. I think a waist band and a box pleat is a good idea and a solid lining. I also love the look of Lily. Isn’t she exuberant!


  5. Yes, I’m rather excited about it…it will be a challenge, certainly. Now I need to get busy, find fabric and practice the flowers. I’d love to finish it this month. I’ll probably be crying and cursing before it’s completed. haha! And isn’t Lily is a charmer, smiling and ready with hugs (and directions!). I don’t know who took that shot, but it was perfect (I had to blur all but her because she is the star, after all, and just so darn cute).


  6. Well, I’m getting closer, though it’s not accomplished yet. Oh, where to wear it… know, I just like it and hadn’t given that any thought! That wasn’t too brilliant of me. But my version may not be quite so fancy (although that IS part of its draw), so maybe it will go most places here in the winter months. Hmm, that would entail finding nice boots…………oh the conundrum! 😉


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