Sunday Sevens – Week 8 for me

Hi everyone, here is this week’s Sunday Sevens, a little ode to randomness that doesn’t merit a whole post. For info about Sunday Sevens, please pop in to see the creator, Natalie, over at Threads & Bobbins. There are no real rules, just sharing of seven(ish) pictures.

This is my eighth week, but it is Week 52 for Natalie and those who joined right away. It’s been such fun trying to make the mundane seem interesting for these past few weeks.


My oh-so-fabulous new apron will have a post of its own in the next day or two, so here is a bit of miscellaneous “stuff around the house” for your Sunday Sevens viewing. We didn’t go out much as it was just too  &%$#*@  hot. Yesterday was the hottest day of the week 90 degrees – with 100% humidity! (How is that even possible?)



This morning, in anticipation of another sweltering end-of-summer day, we had our morning coffee on the front porch. We enjoyed the gentle breeze, and slightly cooler temperature.



We definitely plan to paint the dreary and not-so-very-welcoming entryway. The same color extends upstairs and into the landing. Something a little lighter, brighter, and well…more welcoming!



This old German one picked up at a yard sale many years ago is definitely missing something…


An antique Welsh (or English?) pitcher with broken spout is valuable only to me.


This sweet little bovine, French porcelain, was purchased with our wedding dishware.


wk8_barometer_IMG_4773My mother’s brother Tom was my favorite person in the whole world. Though he died when I was only seven, I still vividly recall his twinkly blue eyes and lilting voice as he called me his “little Jenny Wren”. An avid and accomplished golfer, this barometer was one of his many trophies.



We took a short train ride New York State Fair in Syracuse. Hot. Hot. Hot. But lots of buildings with nice cold air, a diary building with milk for 25 cents, a fabulous Native American show, more food than anyone could eat, horticulture, crafts, music, and of course, animals. Unfortunately, the animals were in transition on the day we visited, so very few were open to visit. We did see a few horses (oh, the most beautiful Percheron), a newborn calf and 6 laboring mothers, pigs, a couple of llamas, and this little charmer named April.

Have a great week everyone!


16 thoughts on “Sunday Sevens – Week 8 for me

    • Sad to say, only a very few smattering of words and tiny phrases. My mother and cousin think it is the greatest amusement to listen to me attempt to read road signs, etc. But I’m getting a little better at deciphering how things “should” be said.


  1. Oh, that east coast humidity–I don’t miss it one bit! Glad you’re staying where it’s cool and enjoying your lovely home. Love your goat picture; it’s making me wish I’d gone to the county fair this year, if only for the goats!

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    • It’s killer, that’s for certain. Doubt I’ll ever get used to it. The good thing is that there really are few of these awful days……..and autumn is coming! Thank you, April was spreading her affections liberally around the onlookers, goats are truly funny creatures.

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  2. Nice jugs! Opps. Is that rude over there too?? Like the Votes for Women cup and the idea of a bright welcoming hall way and stair well. It’s often these parts we think of last yet give everyone else a first impression.


    • Oh, that had me laughing! Yep, it’s the same here. Susan B. Anthony lived in Rochester and her home is now a museum – the mug came from the gift shop. She was quite a force! You’re right about the first impression. The entry way (what are those tiny rooms called? an airlock? outside door leads to inside door into the entry way) is quite bright, and then this dingy brown in the entry hall and going up the stairs to the whole landing area. We’ve had a couple of more necessary issues (but not many, we were lucky), but cheery paint is certainly on our to-do list. Still chuckling…..

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  3. I can sympathise with you about the humidity – it’s the same here in Alabama! I haven’t even made it out onto the porch this week! Love the pitchers! Especially the little bovine 😀


  4. Thank you, it’s truly awful, isn’t it? We are due for some respite here by this evening – a cold front is coming, hooray! How about you? How does Miss Maisy cope with the heat? My poor cats are flat out on the floor all day long – we are just calling them Big Flat Cat and Little Flat Cat right now…


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