So I took my husband to the fabric store…..

No pictures of him, as his 2-1/2 hour excursion was painful enough. But, it was a most interesting time for both of us.

His observations:

1. They have foam! 5-inch foam for me to make new cushions for the porch chairs. He put a piece on the floor and sat upon it. Not quite thick enough, so he added a 1″ section on top, and at which point he determined that we had the proper combination. And he was thoroughly impressed with the rolls and rolls (and rolls) of outdoor fabric to make said covers. (Oh my, how in the world to put a zipper in this big thing???)


But it gets better…. 

canvassy_FullSizeRender2. Next up, he asked a clerk if they have any “canvas-y stuff”. Yes they did indeed have canvas-y stuff, and we were directed to walls of lovely canvas bolts. This will eventually be used to make a cover for the leather couch that has had one too many encounters with cat claws. At this moment, I am leaning toward a solid, with contrast stitching in a diamond pattern. That will come down the road a bit.

3. Wonder of wonders, there were other men at the fabric store! In fact, a man joined us at the pattern books, where hub discovered all the amazing things I can make for the house that will save us countless decorating dollars. Curtains, table mats, pillows, you name it. HA!

Hubby’s take-away? Men buy fabric and notions! And he was happy to see me so happy, milling about, touching, studying, figuring, etc. He understands that a fabric store for me is what a hardware store is for him. All the textures and doodads just waiting to be made into something spectacular!

My take-away? The 1/2 yard of interfacing and spool of thread that were the only items on my list … and a fabric marking kit, linen for pinafore with cotton calico for the reverse, and a cutting mat to protect the dining room table. Everything was at least 40% off. Everybody wins!


19 thoughts on “So I took my husband to the fabric store…..

    • You know, he actually enjoyed it. He loves to learn new things….and this was new to him, so he was happy (and hungry after so long). I debated whether to go with the birds or polka dots. Glad you like the birds! 🙂


  1. My husband has started to do leather work and his recent obsession with threads, needles and lining fabrics is a revelation. He has even done some stitching on my antique Pfaff treadle sewing machine which is more than I have ever done as I only really bought it to look gorgeous in my workroom.

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    • Oh, I’d love to see a pic of your antique machine, they really are so beautiful…and obviously still work horses. I’ve seen some of your husband’s work on your blog – it is amazing. What a great team!


  2. What a great post. I have been surprised how much my husband enjoys coming to exhibitions of clothes of various sorts. He enjoys looking at them and is genuinely interested in how they are constructed. But I am not sure I could detain him in a fabric shop (he is not keen on shopping of any variety).

    I really like your red cloth.


    • Husbands can be very surprising, that’s for certain.
      Thanks, I like it, too – I had picked out a charcoal linen initially, which turned out to be more taupe than gray or black and nothing looked right for the reverse. The navy was much more cooperative. Fingers crossed it all comes out well.


  3. I’m so impressed you got him in a fabric store for 2 1/2 hours 🙂 & I LOVE the birds fabric, can’t wait to see it made up!


    • Yes, I think he imagined a much shorter stay! But he’s a trooper. Aren’t they cute? The birds? I’m glad to have found it, and looking forward to stitching it up – you will definitely be seeing it! 🙂


  4. Oh ha! Velcro! I love it – so manly. Back in the early 70s I made my boyfriend one of those awful slipover “hippie” shirts. To his credit, he wore the thing all the time, but it was truly dreadful.


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